Wind Turbine

For years we have been hearing about the dangers of gas emissions being damaging to our environment. Pollution has also been in the news and is the culprit for poor air quality in many big cities. Since the way we use energy impacts our world, it is time to make changes for the better when it comes to our health and the health of our environment.
One idea that has shown many positive results is a wind turbine. They have been popping up across towns and the country sides all over the United States. One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of the turbine is that wind energy does not create any pollution in the air or in the water. Any time we can create energy that does not harm the environment it has positive outcomes for our wildlife as well. A turbine does not kill animals, plants, or fish. Pollution does.
wind turbinesClimate change, or global warming, is a scary reality. Global warming will change the environment also. Some species of birds are sensitive to climate changes and will need to be watched closely so they do not become extinct. The benefit of a turbine is that they run completely on wind energy, therefore, they do not emit any gasses, such as carbon dioxide, or pollution. Wind turbines do not pose any threat to our air quality and will not affect climate changes. This ensures safety for birds that are otherwise at risk. Turbines run strictly on clean energy. This is also called “completely renewable” energy.

In addition to saving our ecosystem, once turbines are installed, their running costs are lower than electric generators. Once the initial investment of the cost of the turbine, the cost to run it is the wind, which is free. This yields extra money in everyone’s pocket. Turbines can save energy costs for towns and communities as well.
Turbines are generally tall however, they are not that wide. This means that farmers can use the land around the turbine for agricultural purposes. An additional benefit for rural areas is they can produce their own energy supply, which comes in handy in remote rural areas.

Turbines can be made in a variety of sizes. Although many of them are very tall, they can be made shorter and smaller as well. This allows them to be used in a variety of settings such as households, businesses and in small towns.

A wind turbine is a healthy option when it comes to protecting the environment. They improve the air quality, are safe for wildlife, and cut energy costs for us all.

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