How to test for diabetes

Any doctor, suspecting that his or her patient may have diabetes, can be quickly confirmed by obtaining a urine sample for its “glucose” levels. Blood samples are also frequently used to determine whether high glucose levels are present. This requires an overnight fast and is the most reliable testing’s used. However the quickest way is having your finger “pricked” with a small device called a lancet by the attending nurse or doctor. If you’re doing your test at home a lancet works fine as long as you have the other necessary home-remedy paraphernalia like “test strips” and a meter that displays your blood sugar level.

test for diabetesSince you can’t be running to the ER or calling your doctor ten times a day, testing at home is a simple procedure and you can do it two ways via a blood or urine test. Blood testing is used to see if you’re following medical orders to eat correctly, exercise, and ingest any medication suggested by your doctor to control blood sugar. Urine testing is on the lookout for “ketones” in your urine, and how high your blood sugar level is. Constant surveillance of your blood sugar levels is critical in keeping diabetes controlled.A diabetic should use a “log book” in order to keep tabs on how well they are controlling blood sugar levels. This information should also be available to your primary care doctor so they know whether all the things they asked you to do like, exercise, food and diet, along with medication is working in your favor. The most common time to test blood sugar levels is before you retire for the evening or before meals.

Metformin is a prescription drug that is used to help keep diabetics blood sugar stabilized. It’s usually prescribed specifically to treat type 2 diabetes. Metformin can be ingested orally and can be used in association with insulin or any other doctor recommended medications. However you should observe caution using metformin. It is not for type 1 patients, and never used if you are allergic, have liver disease or a history of heart disease.

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