Solar Energy: Providing a Ray of Hope

Solar Energy

The examination of how does solar energy work and its effect on today’s energy concerns has been a much debated topic. Can it be both economically friendly and reliable? An evaluation of the technology and the benefits provided by this clean and safe energy source will provide us with answers.

Consider that energy from the sun has been maintaining life on earth for billions of years. Plants, water resources and fossil fuels have relied on this point of supply. One should also consider that solar energy, unlike other limited sources, is not expected to run out for billions of years. In addition, our ecosystem benefits from the use of this clean source. Currently, the use of fossil fuels and nuclear power create destructive toxins and spew greenhouse gases into the air.So how does solar energy work in reference to producing power? The fusion of atoms in the center of the sun creates photons. It takes a photon close to a million years to reach the surface of the sun. However, once freed, it moves through space so rapidly that it can reach the earth in just eight minutes. The speed is remarkable considering that it has traveled ninety three million miles to reach its destination.

Photovoltaic cells and solar panels are most often used for converting the photons in solar energy to the electricity from which we can benefit. Photovoltaics create energy by causing photons from sunlight to knock electrons into a higher state of energy allowing them to act as charge carriers for electronic currents. Photovoltaic production has been expanding rapidly and is now one of the world’s fastest growing energy technologies. Another method is a Concentrated Solar Power system that uses mirrors or lenses to concentrate an expansive area of sunlight into a small beam. This concentrated light can then be used to generate electricity.

There are many economic benefits for the consumer to choose solar energy. With the ever increasing price of electricity, solar energy offers an attractive alternative. The user’s energy consumption and the size of the system will ultimately determine the savings amount. However, the continued use of the system over an extended period of time will prove its value. Solar improvements can add property value without increasing property taxes and the government also offers rebates and tax credits. Solar panels are known to have a long lifespan which has increased as the technology has improved. Many warranties last for twenty five years but the panels themselves have been known to last much longer.

In the future, architectural planning can tap into the potential light and heat that the sun offers. Remote areas that have previously lacked power sources can benefit immensely from these innovations. Solar power can provide third world countries with cheap energy. This will be invaluable with regards to refrigeration, lighting and cooking. As mankind strives to solve the planet’s energy and environmental issues, the question of how does solar energy work will no longer be an enigma to the masses.

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    Solar panel are little expansive as the installation is costly but in long term they prove to be more economical that is why money making corporate houses are using them for their energy needs.

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