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Ecological Well Being Means Social Responsibility At The Highest Level

In order for our planet to be one that is built on sustainability and well being for the present and the future, everyone needs to play their part of the collective to whole to reinstate particular eco values. The eco-system we live in is one built upon many laws and rules of nature and physics. In order for our species to sustain itself and preserve itself, it is more crucial now than ever before that a global ecological initiative is set in place instead of a growing globalization and capitalist society.

social responsibilityFurthermore, we all have a social responsibility when it comes to how we live and conduct business with the Earth. Yes, conducting business with the earth and that means our relationship with the environment that surrounds us and the eco-system that sustains us as human beings and as a species, in general. There are many factors to take on board concerning ecological well being.

First of all, there is the food we eat. Some of the questions that should arise with this subject include, where do we get this food? How is this food made? Why do you choose this kind of meat or vegetable over another? Secondly, there are the items that we purchase. These items range from services provided by businesses, such as electrical, water, heat, repair, as well as the objects we buy for our house like furniture, what we use in household from brooms to vacuums and finally, modes of transportation and how we get around on a day to day basis.

If we examine closely some of the most obvious ways our ecological outlook affect our daily routine and our global footprint we will discover each person can enhance their knowledge as well as their social and environmental eco mode of living. In addition, living eco-mindedly one has chosen a higher quality of life over one that is easier, quicker, more wasteful and less sustainable. Supporting local food services and restaurants means you are supporting your community, economic system that you live in as well as the local farmers who grow and harvest the food you eat. That is an ecologically efficient and smart way to live and conduct business. Furthermore, it sustains the way you and the people around you live by causing the least amount of pollution or carbon emission in the process.

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  1. Kale Harmon says:

    The problem about being environmentally conscious and socially responsible is that it is hard to make the ideal spread to other people. Does one person buying a hybrid car and supporting companies that use sustainable energy help at all? In the grand scheme of things, no. But that’s the kind of attitude that leads to this problem in the first place.

  2. MPeterson says:

    People really need to start educating themselves on how stuff is made, packaged and shipped. There is so much waste in the entire process, and so much pollution and garbage produced for the simplest things. Any intelligent person who cares about the future needs to look into these things more.

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