How sexually transmitted diseases spread

An sti of sexually transmitted disease is classified as any type of disease that you might get as a result of sexual activity, or someone else’s sexual activity. An sti is a much bigger deal and much more common than people think. There is also no concrete way to prevent a sexually transmitted disease except through abstinence. Even condoms do not prevent all sexually transmitted diseases.
Sexual ActivityThe most common way that these diseases are spread is through sexual activity. Chlamydia is an example of one sexual disease that is spread most commonly through sex. Chlamydia is actually one of the most common diseases. The thing about it is that symptoms of this disease are only seen in 1 of 4 men who actually have it. Only about 30% of women who have this disease show any symptoms. There is a cure for the disease. Antibiotics will help to get rid of it.


The disease Chlamydia has symptoms that only show up in a few cases. To test for this disease doctors use a sample of urethra discharge. It is put under a florescent light for an antibody test.

How sexually diseases are spread

young-couple-lObviously these diseases are spread by having sex with another infected person. However, many sexually transmitted diseases can be spread through other means such as infected needles used for drugs or even some medicines. One of the reasons that sexual diseases are spread so rapidly is because many people think they can only get the disease if they have intercourse. This is not a true fact. Diseases such as herpes and genital warts can be spread by touch or any type of skin contact with an infected area.

Another thought about sexual diseases is that you can not get them if you have anal or oral sex. However, that is a myth that is not true either. All it takes is a tiny cut for the virus or bacteria to spread to someone else. Again, condoms don’t work in all cases and the only sure way to prevent diseases is abstinence and to know the signs and symptoms of active diseases.

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