How to Prevent High Cholesterol

High cholesterol is bad for your heart, body and mind. One of the best ways to prevent high cholesterol levels is to lose weight and eat foods such as vegetables, fruits, fish and whole grain food such as whole wheat bread and whole grain cereals.

Another way to prevent cholesterol that is high is to exercise on a daily basis. There are many exercises that keep cholesterol lower but one of the best ones is walking. Besides walking, swimming, jogging and bicycling also are effective in preventing high cholesterol levels. Exercise can also prevent heart disease.

prevent high cholesterolIf you are smoking, it’s time to stop. Not only is smoking bad for your lungs but it has the potential of increasing your cholesterol levels. Reducing stress in your life can also lower your cholesterol. Learning how to lower the stress in your life will keep your cholesterol low and will keep your heart in good shape, too.

Certain medications keep cholesterol high and knowing which medications do this, can certainly help. In addition, there are certain cholesterol medications that can reduce the high levels of cholesterol in your body. Your doctor can prescribe them for you but they are usually given when all other alternatives have not worked.

Another way to lower your cholesterol is to not eat meat often. Instead, eat more fish and trim off the fat and skin from poultry and meat. By eating leaner cuts of meat, you will be doing your body a favor and it will also help you to lose weight. In addition, be careful of the snacks you eat. Try eating low-fat snacks such as popcorn or fresh fruits instead of candy bars and potato chips. Reduce the amount of salt in your diet. Not only will this help with your cholesterol but it will also lower your risk of hypertension.

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