Green Passport Program for Companies

Help Environment AND  Improve Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate at the same time!


There are many different resources a business can turn to in order to help build success. In an age where environmental responsibility is highly important, one way businesses can benefit from this demand is seen with securing the Green Passport Badge. From your investment into this badge you will be able to take advantage of four ways for improving your e-commerce conversion rate.

First Way: Taking on a Socially Responsible Image


The image a company portrays often helps to identify whether consumers would be encouraged to invest or deter from your business. When you make the pledge to be socially responsible about the environment, the Green Passport Badge can offer a significant number of advantages to your business. Having a socially responsible image helps to attract consumers to a business that cares about the environment. With more individuals concerned about how they are influencing the health of the planet, having an environmentally friendly business can draw in new consumers and improve client relations.


Second Way: Promoting Through Social Networks

When you choose to embrace the Green Passport Badge, the second way you can improve your e-commerce conversion rate is with promoting your business through social networks. For any business, the need for developing social profiles is important so you can interact with consumers and draw more individuals to visit your primary website. By promoting you are environmentally responsible business, you will attract new social followers as well as find individuals who may be interested in investing in your business.

Third Way: Building Strong Links

When looking at elements such as search engine optimization, businesses have to focus on two main factors. The first factor is found with identifying quality keywords that help to improve search engine recognition and attract new consumers. The second factor is found with building strong links and this can be improved upon with the Green Passport Badge. As you promote your business through social networks and attach yourself to the Green Passport effort, you can build new links that are of a high quality to enhance search engine recognition.

Fourth Way: Accessing a New Client Resource

The fourth way you will be able to improve your e-commerce conversion rate through the opportunities of a Green Passport Badge is by accessing a new client resource. There are many individuals who regularly access the Green Passport website to find information on businesses, green solutions, and environmentally friendly products. When you associate yourself with the Green Passport project, your business will have access to a new group of consumers who are looking to invest in these businesses since they have made the effort to support the environment.

Finding solutions for improving your business should be the number one task of any business owner. The opportunities of the Green Passport Badge help to improve the environment and show that your business is dedicated to social responsibility. Not only will you be able to take steps to help improve the environment in the future, you can also improve your e-commerce conversion rate.