Green Jobs

If you’re thinking about finding a new job or need a job in general, a great way to make money while helping the environment would be finding and environmentally friendly job. There are so many green jobs for those looking to make the world more ecofriendly while also earning good money.


The first job to consider that will help the world we live in is being a toxicologist. Toxicologists study the effects that chemicals have on food for not only people but also for pets. Certain toxicologists also identify any chemicals that effect plants, animals, materials, and ecosystems. Toxicologists who work in the pharmaceutical field test new drugs to make sure they are safe for humans before they are released to the general population. Toxicologists get paid around $80,000 a year.


green jobEconomist
Economists work in a field where they identify ways that the world uses limited raw materials, human labor, and water in order to satisfy people’s needs. Economists also study how people spend money in the government and how it is invested. Economists can work in many different fields since there are hundreds of ways for them to help the world around us. Economists make around $73,000 a year depending on the field they choose to work in.


Wildlife Biologist
Wildlife biologists study population and environmental aspects of plant and animal habitats. Wildlife biologists also study the predator-prey relationship between animals and plant life and study the effects it has on the general population of wildlife. Wildlife biologists don’t just study the environment, they also do a large amount of lab and paperwork by reporting what they have studied and also conducting experiments. The average wildlife biologist makes around $42,000 per year.


Foresters study and protect forest life and forest resources. Foresters can either work for private agencies or for the United States Forest Service. Foresters often observe insect and fire control, and they also protect the forest land from hazardous elements. Another big part of a forester’s job is determining the type of plants and trees that can be best grown in the forest life and will best benefit the environment. The average forester makes around $48,000 per year.


Landscape Architect
This is another great environmentally friendly job. Landscape architects create and plan landscaping for businesses, highways, rec facilities, hospitals, parks, and even airports. Landscape architects can either be supervised by upper management, or they can own their own company and manage others to increase their salary. Most of the time, like architects who design buildings, landscape architects do most of their designs from an office or even in some cases from home. The remainder of their time is spent meeting with clients and business to make their creations come to life. Landscape architects usually make around $60,000 per year.
There are so many green jobs available for those who want to work in a field that not only pays well, but also makes our world a better, greener place.

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