Green Cleaning can Save the Earth

Before the advent of chemical based cleaning concoctions and the industrial revolution, people used harmless pantry ingredients to clean their offices and homes. This was more like a green cleaning, and is again gaining widespread popularity. However, with growing industrialization and easy availability of chemical based cleaning agents, now there is a growing evidence that suggests that most of them may actually be harming our health. Therefore, now it is the perfect time to re-assess whether these chemical mixes to clean our offices or homes.

Green CleaningIn the US, thousands of tons of chemicals are used everyday in cleaning products that have not been tested for long enough to know their impact on the health. Many studies in the past few years have suggested that many of the chemicals we use can be quite toxic, especially when used in the confined areas over a long time period. In terms of environmental impact, the problem can be further subdivided into several parts. The biggest one is packaging. Plastic containers and bottles are already notorious for harming our fragile ecology. Then actual chemicals used in the products are not biodegradable, so when you wash them they may end up in waterways. They may not only harm aquatic animals and plants, but can also enter into our food chain.

Unfortunately for consumers, most of the companies do not label all the toxic ingredients used in their cleaning products. Just check any label on a laundry powder, or a bottle of Ajax and you won’t find the complete list. Often “active ingredients” are listed, leaving rest to your imagination. About 40 years ago, people may have labeled “green cleaning” as a radical concept, but now this idea has come to dominate the way we live and do business. Most of the eco-friendly cleaning concepts are not only good for environment, but are good for our health as well.

An eco-friendly cleaning program is the one that uses biodegradable green products, and also uses energy efficient equipment. It also involves creating procedures, policies, and training to minimize the impact of cleaning on environment and health. With reduced water and energy costs, specially designed green equipment saves money, and eco-friendly products are much cheaper than their chemical counterparts. Aside from safe cleaning practices and agents, there needs to be a global shift in attitudes on how we use the supplies and products, so policies surrounding them must encourage conservation practices as well.

We must use products that are free from inks, fragrances, and dyes. As we develop better attitudes and cleaning technologies, green cleaning practices will also develop with time. There days many manufactures are offering eco-sensitive cleaning agents, so it is very easy to make a switch for the sake of your family and the environment. Best of all, most of these products are lot cheaper than toxic chemical based cleaners. Better still, you can even make your own cleaners by using common ingredients, such as vinegar, bicarbonate soda, and lemon. These are highly powerful natural cleaners that can clean your house or office as effectively as chemical based cleaners, but at a faction of cost!

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