Green Cars

Going for a Drive? Try Going Green!


Today’s car shopper is a more forward-thinking, future-minded consumer. More worried about your carbon footprint and being fuel efficient, you’re less apt to purchase based on flash or appearance alone. If you’re interested in being a more purposeful car shopper, you might consider alternative technologies when purchasing a new vehicle. The following is a compilation of some of the most popular and reputable technologies found in green cars today, along with some examples. Hybrid cars are among the most popular eco-friendly vehicles to date. Because of their popularity and proven track-record, they’re easy to find and offer more options. Hybrids are also an awesome opportunity to go green without fully commiting to petrol-free living. Hybrids combine the power of gasoline with a rechargeable battery. This allows the car to operate on battery power whenever possible, and switch to gasoline when needed. These cars can get 40 mpg and higher depending on the model. A couple popular picks for hybrid cars include the Toyota Prius, and the Ford C-Max Hybrid.
green carIf you are looking to stay off of gasoline altogether, electric powered cars are becoming more useful to the general population. The drawback in the past has been long charging times and ability to travel only short distances. Electric cars operate fully independent of an internal combustion engine. They store energy and run an electric motor, which produces zero exhaust emissions. Electric cars are not made for long trips or constant driving without regular power-ups. However, if you do your research and keep up with charging your car, they can be used daily on conservative commutes or running errands. Popular electric cars include the Nissan Leaf, and the Chevy Volt, which does have a small gas motor that is used only to charge the electric one as it nears it’s limit. 


green carsEthanol fuel, or E85 is a blend of gas and ethanol that is more conservative of our gas supply. Most cars run a 10% blend of Ethanol, but some cars are equipped to operate on E85. These “flex-fuel” cars can use the higher octane, cleaner burning gas as a substitute for E10. The drawback to E85 is that it reduces the mileage you get per gallon. Because the price fluctuates, it’s not always clear whether operating on E85 will save you money. A positive to buying a flex-fuel vehicle is that in comparison with other green cars, you won’t see a huge price increase for a flex-fuel equipped model. This makes it easy to get an eco-friendly vehicle without a huge investment. Every major car brand offers E85 usable vehicles; Just look for the “flex-fuel” badge.

Green cars are a wonderful alternative to the now outdated gas-fueled vehicle. You’ll find that not only will you enjoy living responsibly, your wallet will feel the benefits as well. Make the right choice for your lifestyle and enjoy going green.

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