Green Business

What is Green Business?

Unlike generations past, today’s society is growing to be more and more environmentally conscious. This consciousness has been thrust upon us as we now find ourselves facing the devastating effects that have been created through decades of non-regulations imposed upon industries, as well as the complete and total disregard of individuals as to how each and every one of us can and do have a direct impact on our environmental surroundings. This consciousness has been given a recognizable term – the term of going green – and people and industries alike are jumping onboard of the green train. In fact, people, as consumers, are now extensively researching and focusing in on businesses and how they are playing a pivotal role in the new conscious effort to reverse the past polluting trends. In that regard, in order for a business to survive in today’s economic world, it must seriously consider becoming a green business.


green businessWhat then is a green business? A business that wants to become green is one that actively takes an interest in its overall impact on both the local environment, as well as the global market, on the community it services, on its long-term footprint in society and on the well being of its employees. In addition, it constantly studies and monitors its sustainability factor to maintain a positive effect and to improve upon its efforts to conduct its business in an environmentally sound and friendly fashion.

A business, when deciding to go green, can take many steps in achieving its goal. Many of those steps are quite simple. Let’s look at paper. Every business uses paper to keep track of its business, its sales, its receivables, its tax reporting needs, its employees and its economic goals. However, going paperless alone will have an immediate impact upon the environment as it will literally save hundreds if not thousands of trees from being destroyed. With today’s technology in electronic computers, tablets and the like, it is now very easy to communicate with each other without the need of paper letters, as well as to store millions of paperless documents.

Another simple change a business can make is to have its premises “smoke free”. The health impact that this alone has on its employees is tremendous, cutting down on a plethora of illnesses, as well as numerous absences, both of which have an environmental and financial impact not only on the business but on the community surrounding the business.

green plantOther areas that a business can look into in order to erase its impact on the environment is to look at its packaging of its products. How biodegradable is that packaging? What new forms of packaging can be utilized that will have less of a negative, long-term impact? What kind of fuel is the business burning? Can that fuel be converted to a new form of energy or, at the very least, be altered so as to use less of it and thereby emit less of it into the air?

Whatever actions a business may take, be it a long, existing business or a new start-up business, by taking measures to establish itself as being a green business today it will quickly assert itself with an environmental advantage over its competitors. It will radiate as a beacon to attract environmentally conscious consumers and greatly influence its likelihood to achieve a sound and profitable success – a goal of every business!

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