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Green Buildings Go the Distance


The notion to ‘go green’ is an idea that is gaining a lot of traction in businesses and homes. While the process does have most of its costs up front, the long term benefits are quantifiable and obvious. A home or business that constructs a green building will see reductions on expenses such as electricity, gas and heating. There are many tax credits that also go along with going green. When looked at over all, the benefits far out way the costs of going green.

green buildingBeing green partially means making sure plans include ideas and materials that can reduce the carbon footprint. What it is made of can be hugely beneficial for this purpose. Using building supplies made from recycled materials, such as reused metal and glass, is a terrific example. Just recycling goods for construction is not enough, however. Equally important is if the materials can be used to increase the efficiency of the building, as well. Materials able to last longer than others is also critical as it ensures the building does not need repairs, recycling or demolition in the near future.

Water use is one of the most valuable considerations to keep in mind when constructing a new building. By reducing the amount of water brought into the building, it draws less on the local environment and reduces total costs. Purification systems that reuse wastewater can go far in helping reduce how much water it pulls from local aquifers and reservoirs. Low-flow toilets and shower heads reduce the amount even further on-site.

Contributing to the health and well-being of the people who use the building is equally valuable. Proper lighting, safety from harmful chemicals and environmentally friendly decorations can go a long way to helping green up a building. If the people inside find themselves happier and healthier while they are working, then the building is doing its job. These ideas can also provide cost savings. Eco-friendly lighting can both be better for occupants, as well as cutting down on the amount of electricity used during the day.

Creating an environmentally friendly building can be an intense process, but the overall value is immense. Protecting the future of the local environment is as crucial as anything else a person can do. Using recycled materials, providing safe and healthy work environments and reducing water and power use a person could promote longevity and clean living. Conservation of the world is a safe and healthy place for future generations to live and thrive is a responsibility that everyone shares. Green buildings go an immensely long way to making that happen.

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