How sexually transmitted diseases spread

An sti of sexually transmitted disease is classified as any type of disease that you might get as a result of sexual activity, or someone else’s sexual activity. An sti is a much bigger deal and much more common than people think. There is also no concrete way to prevent a sexually transmitted disease except through abstinence. Even condoms do not prevent all sexually transmitted diseases.
Sexual ActivityThe most common way that these diseases are spread is through sexual activity. Chlamydia is an example of one sexual disease that is spread most commonly through sex. Chlamydia is actually one of the most common diseases. The thing about it is that symptoms of this disease are only seen in 1 of 4 men who actually have it. Only about 30% of women who have this disease show any symptoms. There is a cure for the disease. Antibiotics will help to get rid of it.


The disease Chlamydia has symptoms that only show up in a few cases. To test for this disease doctors use a sample of urethra discharge. It is put under a florescent light for an antibody test.

How sexually diseases are spread

young-couple-lObviously these diseases are spread by having sex with another infected person. However, many sexually transmitted diseases can be spread through other means such as infected needles used for drugs or even some medicines. One of the reasons that sexual diseases are spread so rapidly is because many people think they can only get the disease if they have intercourse. This is not a true fact. Diseases such as herpes and genital warts can be spread by touch or any type of skin contact with an infected area.

Another thought about sexual diseases is that you can not get them if you have anal or oral sex. However, that is a myth that is not true either. All it takes is a tiny cut for the virus or bacteria to spread to someone else. Again, condoms don’t work in all cases and the only sure way to prevent diseases is abstinence and to know the signs and symptoms of active diseases.

How to deal with impotence?

impotencja-The secret to ,”How to deal with impotence”, is a simple matter. Some individuals would like to complicate the matter to greater extent than what is needed when it comes to male impotence. The facts remain true that the Male anatomy is very complicated when it comes tot he reproductive system and the male sexual arousal. Male sexual arousal is a combination of stimuli and proper hormone balance. If one of these is out of balance the action of ejaculation and arousal usually suffers the consequences. These things all have a hand in how the male feels about their male image.
Over the years there have been some wonderful improvements that have helped in the area of male impotence. Levitra, Cialis, and Viagra are just some of the proven drugs that are winning the battle against male impotence or erection dysfunction.

The idea that a man would need a drug like Levitra, Cialis, or Viagra often is a blow to a mans ego. A man that has erection dysfunction usually is quite bothered from the results. The factor is multiplied by the fact that the man is still in the early years of life, or that the man is with a women that requires his sexual performance. Often married couples suffer from this problem and the male never seeks help. Seeking help would be admitting to the embarrassing problem of erectile dysfunction.

Levitra is a powerful drug that in the past five years has really found its place among erectile dysfunction sufferers. Often this treatment will solve the problem in a few short weeks. Men who have tried Cialis claim that the response is generally much more quicker than other competing brands of medicine formulated for erectile dysfunction/ Viagra has been main arsenal of choice for those who have needed help in this area of human sexuality. Th e effects are usually quite noticeable after the first few uses.Men who suffer from this ailment need to recognize that they are no less of a man than the other men who are not afflicted with this problem.

Understanding the decreases is the first step to treatment that is effective. When a man is experiencing the results of erectile dysfunction their self confidence and general feeling of worth can be effected. It is important that the man afflicted share his problem and how it makes him feel with his sexual partner. The results of sharing will create a atmosphere of honesty and trust between the two partners. Being able to talk about the problem will further facilitate the cure. All medical aspects should be looked at when embarking on treatment with erectile dysfunction medicine.

Being informed is another factor about treatment that every man should be well versed. Understanding the risks, time frames, and side effects are a duty that is owed by the individual seeking treatment.

How to test chlamydia

feet-lIf you are wondering if you have contracted chlamydia, there are ways on how to test for this sexually-transmitted disease. Symptoms of this disease may unfortunately not ever occur for most people. The disease is very common because many people don’t even know that they have the disease. If there are symptoms, they will show up in at least one to three weeks.

This bacterial infection can cause problems with the urinary tract in both men and women. There could be a burning sensation, itching or a discharge while urinating.
Urine tests will show results that can diagnose chlamydia.

Other ways to test would be collecting an infected area such as the cervix, rectum, penis or the throat. Once the diagnosis has been made, an antibiotic such as azithromycin can be taken that can easily cure the disease. By only taking the azithromycin two times a day for only a week, it can be cured.

No one should engage in any sexual activity until the disease has been thoroughly eliminated since it can be passed on to the sexual partner. Fever, lower back pain, lower abdominal pain, painful intercourse, nausea and bleeding between periods may occur.

Chlamydia can cause serious problems if not treated. A woman or man can become infertile. The woman may also increase her risk of HIV infection by as much as five times if treatment is not used. It can also result in inflammation of the urethra and eye, as well as lesions on the skin.


It is recommended that anyone who is sexually active and under the age of 25 should be screened each year. All women who are pregnant, regardless of age, should also be screened yearly. Infected mothers can cause eye infections and even pneumonia in newborns during a vaginal birth.

Whatever the symptoms may or may not be, if you are a sexually active person who may have more than one partner, it is best to be tested for any STD before any permanent damage is done.

Solar Energy: Providing a Ray of Hope

Solar Energy

The examination of how does solar energy work and its effect on today’s energy concerns has been a much debated topic. Can it be both economically friendly and reliable? An evaluation of the technology and the benefits provided by this clean and safe energy source will provide us with answers.

Consider that energy from the sun has been maintaining life on earth for billions of years. Plants, water resources and fossil fuels have relied on this point of supply. One should also consider that solar energy, unlike other limited sources, is not expected to run out for billions of years. In addition, our ecosystem benefits from the use of this clean source. Currently, the use of fossil fuels and nuclear power create destructive toxins and spew greenhouse gases into the air.So how does solar energy work in reference to producing power? The fusion of atoms in the center of the sun creates photons. It takes a photon close to a million years to reach the surface of the sun. However, once freed, it moves through space so rapidly that it can reach the earth in just eight minutes. The speed is remarkable considering that it has traveled ninety three million miles to reach its destination.

Photovoltaic cells and solar panels are most often used for converting the photons in solar energy to the electricity from which we can benefit. Photovoltaics create energy by causing photons from sunlight to knock electrons into a higher state of energy allowing them to act as charge carriers for electronic currents. Photovoltaic production has been expanding rapidly and is now one of the world’s fastest growing energy technologies. Another method is a Concentrated Solar Power system that uses mirrors or lenses to concentrate an expansive area of sunlight into a small beam. This concentrated light can then be used to generate electricity.

There are many economic benefits for the consumer to choose solar energy. With the ever increasing price of electricity, solar energy offers an attractive alternative. The user’s energy consumption and the size of the system will ultimately determine the savings amount. However, the continued use of the system over an extended period of time will prove its value. Solar improvements can add property value without increasing property taxes and the government also offers rebates and tax credits. Solar panels are known to have a long lifespan which has increased as the technology has improved. Many warranties last for twenty five years but the panels themselves have been known to last much longer.

In the future, architectural planning can tap into the potential light and heat that the sun offers. Remote areas that have previously lacked power sources can benefit immensely from these innovations. Solar power can provide third world countries with cheap energy. This will be invaluable with regards to refrigeration, lighting and cooking. As mankind strives to solve the planet’s energy and environmental issues, the question of how does solar energy work will no longer be an enigma to the masses.

Sustainable Design and Green Construction Materials

Sustainable Design and Green Construction Materials

Sustainable DesignAs more and more people are becoming aware of the environment and the potential negative impact of human existence on it, they are looking for ways to reduce this impact and co-exist with nature in a harmonious way. One step towards such an endeavor is the use of environment-friendly materials for home and office construction.
There are many recycled and eco-friendly materials as a part of sustainable design today and some of the different materials are discussed below.
Recycled Carpets
Recycled carpets are one of the best options for flooring for two reasons. Firstly, it does not destroy any natural plant or tree to create and secondly, it reduces waste by recycling them into usable products. These recycled carpets are made of plastic soda bottles. These bottles are hard to dispose off otherwise because of their large numbers and also, they are potentially harmful to the environment. To prevent this from happening, many companies are coming forward to chop these bottles into small pieces ad use chemicals to convert them into soft fibers that are used for making these carpets.
An important material needed for construction of buildings is wood or lumber and unfortunately, to get this lumber, millions of trees are destroyed every year. But, the good news is there is an awareness about it and people are exploring other options. One such option is the use of Western Juniper trees for construction because these trees are overgrown in the Western part of the US. In fact, this species is so prevalent that it has become invasive, so when they are used in large numbers, it creates a balance in the eco-system and does not lead to the destruction of large wooded areas.
Interior Walls
Another integral aspect of any building is the interior walls. Increasingly, these walls are made of sustainable and non-toxic materials such as clay to give sturdiness to the structure without having a negative impact on the environment. The good part about using clay is that controls the temperature and allows the air to breathe. It is healthy for people living or working inside the building because it absorbs the excess moisture from the air. For these reasons, clay is becoming a preferred choice for green ad sustainable buildings.
In short, sustainable design is the way forward if we want to live a healthy and meaningful life and want to pas on all the benefits of nature to the future generations. Some steps in this direction include the use of sustainable and recycled materials for building homes and offices. The above mentioned products such as Western Juniper lumber, clay walls and recycled carpets are good choices. It is expected that more and more people will bring in innovative ideas that are environment-friendly for the construction industry.

The Viability of Clean Energy Fuels

The knowledge of the importance of renewable sustainable clean energy fuels is not new. In the 1970s President Jimmy Carter initiated a plan to have 20 percent of the United state’s energy needs met by sources of clean energy by the year 2000. This plan was subsequently derailed during the Reagan years, but the principle still stands; finding renewable, sustainable and cost-effective sources of fuel is essential. Recent historical events have once again brought home to Americans the fact that fossil fuels are untenable, and that clean energy alternatives must be sought. Those events include ongoing instability in the Middle East which is the source of much of the oil used by Americans. Still, the technological advances needed for a wholesale shift away from fossil fuels are a long way off and newly discovered fossil fuel resources in the United States may further hamper efforts to transition to clean energy fuel sources.

The Resurgence of Unsustainable Fossil Fuels
Clean Energy FuelsExamples of newly discovered resources include those found in the Ohio River Valley to the south of Pittsburgh. Natural gas reserves in several Ohio counties are capable of producing more than 1,000 barrels of oil per day along with millions of cubic feet of natural gas. Added to this is the fact that efforts to build a wind farm near Cleveland have been stalled due to resistance from the locals. New amendments to Ohio’s energy laws would make financing new wind farms even more difficult. Yet another factor in the viability of clean energy is the question as to whether such technology as electric vehicles are really as green as commonly thought. While electric vehicles do not emit gases from burning fossil fuels, there are emissions from the production of their batteries. To give these cars greater range, more batteries must be produced. Furthermore, the energy used to power those cars as well as hybrids comes from whatever fuel source is used by local utilities.Some experts such as the University of Nebraska’s Eric Holley, state that while there is no single solution when it comes to clean energy fuels, it is essential that the attempt be made to use all of the available ones. Investing in all of them solves the problems of inconsistency that plagues individual clean energy sources. Wind and sun are both unreliable due to the weather, for example. The fact is that there are many pros and cons to all present sources of power, but after a careful examination of them it is easy to say that the pros come down on the side of clean energy and investing in all types of clean energy fuels.

Sustainable Business

A number of companies are creating Sustainable Business developments, making a positive impact upon the environment. Companies are putting all kinds of materials back into circulation, avoiding putting strain on already limited resources. Businesses are recycling plastics, paper and doing organic farming; these are all methods of creating business that have a positive impact on the environment. These businesses help ensure the safety of people and the environment. `

Suinstanable BusinessBusiness paves the way for the reuse of many different items. They reuse buildings, resources, property, environmental materials and water. Preserving the best in the environment is what a caring business thrives on. Businesses around the globe are renovating and making the resources they have available to them works more efficiently. There are numerous conveniences for businesses like these but they choose to make the added effort. A managed lighting system saves millions on utility expenses for companies every year and reduces the carbon imprint upon the environment. This is not a required business expense.

Environmentally conscious businesses avoid damaging the environment with pollutants of any kind. There are hundreds of such businesses. They deal in wind power, more efficient electrical consumption, transportation, housing and agriculture. These sustainable entities make keeping the environment safe an easier task for everyone. These businesses provide resources for future generations, taking a step by step approach to protecting the environment. A choice to throw aluminum cans into a trash container rather than recycling them makes the difference in a business that is environmentally friendly. Small details do make a difference.

No one expects miracles but resources are being used at a very fast pace and must be replaced quickly. Soil must be regenerated, water kept clean, and trees replanted to hold soil and clean the air. If abused, none of these resources are infinite and Business must play its part in protecting the environment. Sustainable Business can help keep the environment clean for many generations and can help ensure the environment will be safe.

Organic farming is making an effort to use natural elements for the benefit of human health and environmental; which goes hand in hand. Many Sustainable Businesses have already made a big impact on helping the environment. These businesses work on producing products that are not a hard impact on the environment. A business without pollution helps the environment tremendously. Without these businesses the environment would be in greater danger.

Hundreds of conglomerates are working to find ways to sustain the health of the earth, building and rebuilding to benefit the continued growth of natural resources for the future. Businesses like these help ensure resources for many years to come, allowing natural resources to be thrive.

Companies are producing chemical, coal, diamonds and other items. More products are being created to satisfy the demand of the market. This is good for the economy but if these resources are not used strategically there will be a problem for future generations. This is the point of sustainable business; to show special concern for the health of the world at large and its people.

The Importance of the Ecological Footprint

Today it is important for people to become familiar with the idea of Ecological Footprint. It’s a method of accounting utilized by business, governments as well as educational institutions to measure the biological sustainability of the earth based on the activities of people and their growing populations.

It has been designed to gauge the quantity of the biologically productive sea and land areas that a sector of a human population needs in order to sustain themselves and the level of carbon dioxide emission absorbed. This is then measured against the amount of land and sea available to meet these needs in the area where a human population is located.

Ecological FootprintLand and sea that has been designated as biologically productive must be designed to meet a human population’s need for food, energy resources, wood products, space for construction and more. The land and sea must also absorb the carbon dioxide emissions created by people who sustain themselves in the measured area. These areas are farmed fields, places where fishing takes place and more. The expanse of the ocean, deserts and glaciers are not designated as biologically productive.

In order to measure the footprint of a specific area, calculators have been designed for this specific task. It will measure an individual’s ecological footprint by calculating all the biological materials consumed and waste created by that individual during a twelve month period. This number is then converted into a biocapacity measuring unit called the hectare, which can be converted into a global hectares based on yield and other factors. The total of global hectares required to maintain resource levels and waste production of an individual equals their footprint.

This footprint has been designed to show the level of natural resources being consumed by the human population of the planet. Early indications on information gathered indicates that human society is going to have to alter the way it consumes natural resources if current and future human population levels are to be maintained. It can show the impact of human societies on specific areas of the planet. These results can motivate those in charge to seek new and different ways to conserve and protect the world’s natural resources.

It is an accepted fact that recycling reduces an individual’s footprint by decreasing the demand for products made from natural resources, and decreases the need for the earth to absorb waste. When plastics are recycled their impact on landfills in lowered. Recycling paper decreases the need for trees to be harvested from the forest. Many different forms of successful recycling significantly lowers the footprint of humanity on the earth.

When using footprint calculator it’s important to remember that it’s only as good as the accuracy of its source data. These calculations are also affected by the methods utilized and calculation limitations. There are organizations actively working on developing an even more accurate calculation method than the ones currently being used.

Knowing and understanding the idea of Ecological Footprint is important for every person living on the earth. It’s a way to know when natural resources are being depleted at a disturbing rate. This makes societies aware that changes must be made to accommodate their needs and those of the planet.

Protect your Health and the Environment, Choose only the Organic Cotton Products

By far organic cotton is one of the most popular and important organic fiber known to mankind. With growing concern for the environment, there is a much greater push towards the greener lifestyle, which has led to an increase in the consumer demand for naturally grown cotton products. The production in the US increased by about 29 percent in 2010, while global production increased by 23 percent over previous years. The United States only trails Syria, India, Turkey, China and Tanzania in the production of organic cotton. Green cotton is in everything from personal care items, clothes, toys and home décor. Aside from the increased use of organic fibers, there has also been increase in the use of cotton seeds in animal feed and human food products.

* Growing methods

Organic CottonConventional and organic growing methods are quite different. In conventional methods, more chemicals are used per unit area than other crops. Most of these chemicals not only pollute soil, ground water and air, but its residues on cotton fibers also cause various skin irritations and diseases. Green cotton growing methods actually replenish the soil and also maintain a healthy ecological balance. Genetically enhanced seeds are not used to grow green cotton, and as pesticides and toxic fertilizers are also not used, groundwater and soil contamination is also eliminated. Farmers who use organic methods to grow cotton offer purer product to the consumers that also benefits the environment by eliminating all contaminants to the ground water and soil.

* Consumer understanding

The biggest hurdle that most of the growers face is the consumer understanding about various value added costs of purchasing natural cotton products. Additional cost of establishing organic environment in the fields, challenges due to the crop lost to weeds and insects, high labor costs, and growing competition from global markets make US natural cotton products somewhat expensive than non-organic products. However, buyers must realize that long term benefits of using organically grown cotton products far outweigh its high price.

The biggest benefit is to human health. Continuous exposure to toxic fertilizers and pesticides can cause physical ailments such as nauseas, and headaches, with prolonged exposure leading to more serious health issues such as nervous system or hormonal problems, immune or reproductive system issues, and even cancer. Organic cotton is beneficial for our environment as well. The absence of harsh pesticides and chemicals during the production stage can avoid water and soil contamination and can also promote ecological balance. Just for a few extra dollars, organically grown cotton products offer a much better alternative for our heath and the environment.

Green Weddings

A couple’s wedding is one of the most important events of their lives. But when they are concerned with the impact their event will have on the plant, what options do they have? Green weddings are now the new chic, and with careful planning you do not need to make a big carbon foot print on the planet.

Green WeddingTaking control of the guest list is one way to stay in the green. The smaller your guest list, the less waste there will be. This is also a way to only invite the people that matter most in your lives.

Location. Location. Location. Choosing a venue that is close to your guests will cut down on the wedding’s impact on the environment. There are venues that pride themselves on being eco -friendly; see what is available in your area. Consider having the wedding and the reception at the same place, will help you to stay in the green.

If your heart is set on a certain location, provide guests with transportation options. Rent shuttle buses to transport your guests, or ask them to use mass transit, or car pool. Communication is the key and let them know that this is important to you.

There are green options for the food and beverages at green weddings. Staying local is your best choice. Use a local brewery or winery for your alcohol choices. Find a caterer that uses local and organic ingredients to make their cuisine.

Another big impact on a wedding’s foot print is the invitations. There are many recycled and handmade options. If you are crafty, consider making your own. Electronic invitations are also a choice if breaking from tradition is not a worry.

Just because you are trying to stay environmentally friendly, does not mean you cannot make it personal as well. Grow your own flowers for the special day, or ask family and friends to grow the flowers and create centerpieces. Give your favorite fair trade chocolate as party favors or seeds to grow your favorite flowers.

Green weddings can be just as special as any wedding. There are many shades of green as well. If your venue is not as nice to the environment as you like, make up for it in other areas. Have your bridesmaids buy dresses that they can wear more than once. Be creative and keep the environment in mind and your day will be happy and green.